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76% have a favorable opinion of family-owned franchises.

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Franchise Business Forecast for 2017*

Continued growth in the next year

Overall 2017 forecast



+1.6% from 2016



+3.3% from 2016



+5.3% from 2016



+5.2% from 2016

*Data prepared by IHS Markit Economics, for the International Franchise Association, Franchise Education and Research Foundation, January, 2017.

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Distribution of Establishments, Jobs, and Output, by Sector (2017 Forecast)

Quick Service Restaurants
Personal Services
Business Services
Commercial & Residential Services
Real Estate
Retail Products & Services
Retail Food
Table/Full Service Restaurants
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Joint Employer Wide Bipartisan Majorities Want Congress and the Administration to Support Locally-Owned Businesses

Which of the following would you prefer?

Tax reform survey results chart

Healthcare Majority of Americans Support Cost Containment in Health Reform

Support for:

Allowing small businesses to use their purchasing power to buy high quality and affordable health insurance in the large group market

Purchasing power survey results chart

Support for:

Expanding and simplifying health savings accounts that provide individuals with opportunities to save for medical costs through tax-deductible contributions

Health savings accounts survey results chart

Support for:

Allowing the sale of health insurance plans across state lines

Interstate health insurance survey results chart

Tax Reform Americans Agree Tax Reform Should Reduce Taxes for Both Small and Large Businesses

When it comes to tax reform, which of the following should be the highest priority for the next Congress and Administration?

Purchasing power survey results chart

If effective tax rates for large corporations are reduced, should effective tax rates for small businesses also be reduced?

Purchasing power survey results chart

Public opinion polling shows Americans support franchises

Franchise Establishments Get High Marks From Voters Across Party Lines

Voters who have a favorable view of neighborhood family-owned franchise businesses:


of all voters


of Democrats


of Independents


of Republicans

Voters Think Locally-Owned Businesses Are More Likely to Work to Support Local Community

Who do you think is likely to be more involved with improving the local community by assisting places such as local churches, charities, little league teams, etc.?

Voters Say Locally-Owned Businesses Do a Better Job of Increasing Wages

Which of the following does a better job of increasing wages in a community?

Franchise Fast Facts

Franchise establishments get high marks from national voters

The Franchise Business Model

The Franchise Business Model

  • Brings together brands, local business owners, employees, and the local community.
  • Is a uniquely accessible business model which allows you to start at the entry level and have the opportunity to own your own business.
  • Has created tens of thousands of small business owners and millions of opportunities for workers while being the largest vocational training industry in America.
U.S. Franchise Facts

U.S. Franchise Facts

  • Locally owned franchises are America's hidden small businesses, with 733,000 establishments across the country.
  • Franchising directly contributes $674.3 billion in economic output, accounting for roughly 2.5% of private sector U.S. GDP.
  • Franchising is a job-creating mechanism that not only offers opportunities to entrepreneurs but also supports more than 7.6 million direct jobs nationwide.
Franchise Business: Good for America and Good for Local Communities

Franchise Business: Good for America, Good for Local Communities

  • The International Franchise Association is the world's oldest and largest organization representing franchising worldwide. Celebrating 50 years of excellence, education and advocacy, IFA works to protect enchance, and promote franchising through its government relations and public policy, media relations, and educational programs.